Autopost Basic Script

Basically all the usual Atupost scripts I use, all based on this script. What makes them different from each other is the content of the messages they post.

Click on the link below to check out the Script.

At line 78 on the script page

there is "postStatus" function with "pesan,target_id,target_type" as properties. Which "pesan" is message to post, "target_id" is Facebook's profile or group ID where the message will be posted and "target_type" defined whether the target is a profile or a group by adding "group" for a group and null or "" for timeline or profile page.

At line 9 there is "this_webApp" variable, you should fill this by deploying the scrip as web app once, set "Who has access to the app" to "Anyone, even anonymous" and grant permissions for the script.
Copy the "Current web app URL"
and paste to replace "this_webApp" variable.

After you've set all the settings you need to change, you will need to Re-deploy or deploy the scrip as web app again and set a "new" version of it. Any changes you've made to the script, will not affect the deployed (web app) script until you've re-deployed the script and set a new version of it.

If you don't know how to get Facebook's Cookie, check out this post "How to Get Facebook's Cookie".

This script use an "auto re-login" method as you can see at line 80, 116 and 125 on the script page. That's why you need to provide your login email and password at the settings.

Facebook might block your account for "login from unrecognized IP and device" and you'll probably need to finish up the "check point" they gave. But, if you set the privacy of your Birth date and year of your Facebook's profile to "Friends only", in three (3) days "Check point" usually will add for providing your birth date and year as one of the confirmation method.

If you have any questions, there's a comment section below, right?!

Well, anyway, Have Fun!! :)

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